Dear Friends

Thank you for agreeing to grade these songs for my TPSP project. My project is about determining if a song with more musical elements is more enjoyable than a song with less musical elements. Could you please send me your grades by Friday night (April 7th)? I am so grateful that you could take time out of your day and listen and grade my songs. 

Thanks, Alex

Grading Rubric

You will grade all 5 variations (A through E) of 2 songs (Levels, All of Me) that I made using a 1-100-point scale, where 100 is the best. You will grade the song based on how you like it. I would recommend listening through earbuds or headphones. You may send me the scores over text or email (

Example Scores

    All of Me

    Variation A: 80

    Variation B: 100

    Variation C: 65

    Variation D: 36

    Variation E: 12


    Variation A. 45

    Variation B. 80

    Variation C. 90

    Variation D. 24

    Variation E. 55

    Links to Song Variations

(click each link to download and listen to the song)


All of Me